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New products are coming soon!


Dear customers!

If you read our newsfeed, you probably remember that 2016 was marked by the release of many new optical instruments that, without false modesty, gained huge momentum shortly after the launch. Among those new items were a renewed lineup of Levenhuk Rainbow color microscopes, Levenhuk LabZZ optics for kids, as well as the advanced Levenhuk 700 series of microscopes and Levenhuk Zeno Vizor magnifiers.

And 2017 will not be an exception! Now we are putting our maximum effort into developing and releasing new optical devices with even better quality and performance – the wider the range of available products, the more chances that you, our customer, will find exactly what you are looking for and your needs will be fully satisfied, which is always our first priority. In the next few months, we will be extending our microscope and magnifier lineups, as well as release new printed educational materials. We also plan to release new microscope and telescope cameras that will help you get started in fascinating new hobbies – micro- and macrophotography!

Remember that we are always eager to please you with new promotions, sales, and gifts! Don’t forget to regularly check our ‘Special offers’ section that is available via this link.

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