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09.01.2018 Levenhuk welcomes you on our official website in 2018!

We are happy that you chose our brand!

18.12.2017 A new “How to choose a telescope” review

Read a review about different types of telescopes and decide which telescope you prefer

29.11.2017 New Levenhuk branch office in Hungary

Official announcement of the Levenhuk Hungary branch office

23.11.2017 Useful Articles on Best Telescopes Review

Read four new reviews on the best telescopes for different purposes

16.11.2017 A new series of Levenhuk Bruno PLUS Binoculars for astronomical observations

New items are already available! New items are already available!

09.11.2017 Brand new floating strap for binoculars is available to purchase.

New product is on the website now!

09.11.2017 Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x – new wide field eyepiece for microscopes

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

06.10.2017 Large update of LabZZ series for kids

Levenhuk announces a big update of LabZZ series for the beginning of the new school year

06.10.2017 New Levenhuk telescopes, compass and spotting scope are available to buy

New products and product series are available on our website

10.08.2017 Levenhuk announces new Levenhuk T PLUS digital cameras for telescopes

Digital cameras for amateur astrophotography

05.07.2017 Knowledge books by Levenhuk Press: detailed review

Colorful encyclopedias for children of primary and secondary school ages

15.06.2017 Levenhuk Sweepstakes at – win a Levenhuk 2L Microscope now!

Participate in a special giveaway organized by Levenhuk and

14.06.2017 Levenhuk takes first place in’s rating of the most popular optical manufacturers in Poland

Levenhuk brand products occupy more than half of the Polish optical market

13.06.2017 Levenhuk 1ST Microscope – our new entry-level stereo microscope for home and work

New binocular stereo microscope is now available for purchase!

09.06.2017 Levenhuk binoculars in the buying guides recommends Levenhuk binoculars in its ‘Best Binoculars for the Money’ and ‘Best Binoculars for Hunting’ guides

25.05.2017 Levenhuk 700 series microscopes with improved configuration are now available on site!

Take advantage of the new improved configuration of our Levenhuk 700 series microscopes, which is available at the old price!

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