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Levenhuk 400 sērija

The series of laboratory microscopes for bright field observations in incident light. The microscopes are perfect for research in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine, ornithology, biochemistry, and microbiology. They can also be used for teaching students in universities and other institutions of higher education. The microscopes are equipped with wide-field achromatic optics, and an LED light with a collector is used for illumination. The lighting is powered by rechargeable batteries.
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Levenhuk 400M Monocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–400x. Monocular head, achromatic objectives, LED light with a collector

Levenhuk 400M Monocular Microscope is designed for conducting laboratory research on biological samples. It delivers a sharp and contrast image and allows for observing samples at magnification from 40x to 400x. This mic...Vairāk
139,95 €
Levenhuk 400B Binocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–1000x. Binocular head, achromatic objectives, LED light with a collector

Levenhuk 400B is a binocular laboratory microscope for professional work for a microbiologist, medical worker, veterinarian, ornithologist, ecologist, or biochemist. This universal model can be used for bright field rese...Vairāk
299,95 €
Levenhuk 400T Trinocular Microscope

Magnification: 40–1000x. Trinocular head, achromatic objectives, LED light with a collector

The Levenhuk 400T is a classic trinocular microscope with a binocular visual part and a vertical tube for installing a digital camera in it. This microscope is an excellent choice for a laboratory. It will help a medical...Vairāk
359,95 €
Levenhuk D400 LCD Digital Microscope

Magnification: 60–1500x. A rotatable head with a 2MP digital camera and an LCD screen, achromatic objectives, and an LED light with a collector

Levenhuk D400 LCD is a digital microscope, which is a perfect choice for working in a medical or scientific research laboratory. It features a 2MP camera with an LCD screen instead of a standard eyepiece. An image from a...Vairāk
459,95 €